Cross-linking / CXL

Corneal cross-linking (CXL, Ultra B2) is a modern method of choice for the treatment of keratoconus. At MILMEDIC we use worldwide recognized standard treatment, Dresden protocol, which means that after the removal of the corneal epithelium, riboflavin drops are administered during 30 minutes, after which the cornea is exposed to UV light with special lamps.

This leads to a strengthening of the corneal stromal matrix and hence its strengthening. The method is virtually painless and is performed under local anesthetic drops. Expected result is to stop the progression of the disease, as well as improved visual acuity.

Postoperative monitoring is of great significance and includes diagnostics of corneal topography with Oculyzer, as well as regular ophthalmic examinations.

Experience of the surgical team and premium technical equipment at Polyclinic MILMEDIC is a guarantee of success of the treatment